shoulderFamilies look forward to having a child; they look forward to a beautiful experience resulting in a healthy baby. However, sometimes birth injuries occur, marring what parents hoped would be a joyous occasion and changing their lives forever. When a birth injury is caused by a needless medical error or medical negligence, you need to consult an attorney for a thorough evaluation of what actually happened (not what the doctor told you happened) and discuss the options available to you and your family moving forward. At Stecco Law, P.C., we advocate for families who are dealing with birth injuries caused by medical malpractice or neglect.

A brachial plexus injury results in substantial weakness or loss of control or movement of an affected arm that was injured during the birth process. The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves running from the neck down to the shoulder. This birth injury often occurs as a result of shoulder dystocia during childbirth. This is when the fetus’ shoulder gets caught under the mother’s pelvic bone while it is in the birth canal and the doctor continues to try to pull the baby out causing permanent damage instead of converting to a C-section. It can also occur during breech presentation, when instead of the head presenting first which is normal, the feet emerge first from the birth canal, and there is increased pressure on the baby’s arms during delivery. This type of birth injury is more common with large babies and small mothers.

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